Arkeo is a web based application designed for Printed Circuit Board manufacturers to create quotes, track orders and manage the companies activities. Being web based allows it to be hosted on an internal server or on a cloud server.
  • Quoting
  • Engineering
  • Quality documents
  • Customer management
  • Order entry
  • Shipping
  • Inventory control
  • Purchase order management
  • Job tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Reporting
  • Administration
  • Sales Analysis

  • Sales / Quoting
    Manage customers and possible leads. Quickly generate accurate quotes using pricing formulas and rules to give consistent quotes every time.
    Job Tracking
    Track order from quoting/order entry, through Engineering, Manufacturing and Shipping. Always know where a job is and what its status is. Easily move jobs between stages with Barcoded steps.
    Create shipments and print all major shipping carriers packing labels from Arkeo. No need to use carriers separate program or website.
    Import invoice information directly into QuickBooks, for quick and accurate invoices.
    Inventory Control
    Track material inventory, create purchase orders to re-order materials and receive materials all in one place.
    Quality Documents
    Create C of C's, Microsection, Electrical test and more reports quickly with little data entry.
    Eaily gain access to all the data that you need with dashboards, reports and daily email reports.
    Control user access so everyone has access to what they need. Customize the system to work best for the way your company runs.

    Connect your business

    Arkeo puts your information in one spot making it easy to find information and eliminates spreadsheets spread all over your network.

    Less paperwork

    All communication between departments are done through the system. This reduces errors, saves employee time and improves quality of work.

    More information

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