• Fully automated stack up generation
  • Rigid & Rigid-Flex modelling
  • Accurate impedance calculations
  • Crosshatch reference layers
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Fully customizable reports
  • Calculates post squeeze out Dk/Df
  • Preloaded with over 100 materials
  • Easily add and manage materials
  • Reduce cycle time and costs
  • Model sub-assemblies, microvias, back drilling
  • Heatsinks and IMS builds
  • Standalone and network installations available
  • Jobs are revision controlled
  • Fully Automated

    Arkeo Stack is a fully automated stackup generation tool that quickly builds accurate and cost conscious stackups. Reduces engineering time and costs and creates consistent builds. System comes preloaded with over 90 material sets, reducing implementation time.

    Intuitive, Easy to use Interface

    Arkeo Stack was designed with the user in mind. With an easy to use and intuitive interface, Arkeo Stack allows users of all skill levels to accurately model even the most complex builds. Jobs are fully revision controlled making it easy to see all the changes that were made.

    Detailed Custom Reports

    Arkeo Stack has a custom report generator that builds reports to suit the specific needs of your company. Multiple reports can be setup allowing you to have custom reports for specific needs (internal user, send to customer, engineering details, etc).

    Built-in Panelization

    Built-in panelization layout tool. Layout panels with individual boards or arrays, add coupons, rails, etc. Arrays can be laid out by fixed array size or by a matrix of boards. Full dimensions can be added to arrays. Configure to match your panel sizes & spacing and coupon types & sizes.

    Creating a stackup

    More Information

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